As the Sweet Heaven family, the irresistible tastes of restaurants, cafes and bistros have been coming from our sweet paradise for years, with our special recipes and wide product range since 2007. We are happy to deliver our cakes, cakes and pies prepared with natural recipes to the places where you spend your time with pleasure. Our adventure, which we started with two people, has turned into a big family of 300 people who love their job today with years of mastery experience, investment, technology and management systems. We are proud to serve you with 32 main dealers throughout Turkey. We continue to deliver our products to you with the same sensitivity and happiness, both at home and abroad, with our dealers who have the same passion as us.

We wanted to offer good coffee alongside the best cakes whose flavor goes from the palate to the heart.
With our experience in the field of frozen cake, we took another big step and decided to produce coffee next to the cake. In this context, we offer the best coffee and cake to our consumers and professionals with our coffee varieties that we have started to produce as of 2016 by selecting the most qualified coffee beans.

Although we show our quality with the tastes we leave on the palates and the responses we receive from our customers, our BRC certificate officially proves our success.

We successfully deliver our hygienically produced products to all four corners of Turkey and the world with our certified quality. Thanks to our flawlessly functioning system and high discipline with our expert staff, every order takes its place in the showcases on time, as fresh as the first day.