Human Resources

  • To use manpower efficiently in line with our goals
  • To meet all the needs of our employees and to ensure their development
  • To adopt the principle of humane behavior in all our activities, with the awareness that the greatest competitive advantage is "human power",
  • Adopting the principle of equality with the practices of "right person for the right job" and "equal pay for equal work",
  • To provide training and development in order to prevent the knowledge of our employees from obsolete and to ensure that our employees reach the most appropriate skill level,
  • To prepare appropriate educational environments to prepare the “information person” who can fulfill the needs of the age in the best way,
  • To perform human-oriented functions such as human relations, employee satisfaction, career plans, performance evaluation, recruitment and compliance programs,
  • To ensure that all our employees unite around common goals,
  • To deal with the aims of the company and the aims of our employees together,
  • To keep the motivation level of our employees high.

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